What are the location details?

  • The project site is located approximately 45 kms south east of Delhi, 15 kms south of Noida & east of the Yamuna River. It will be well connected with the Yamuna Expressway along its east boundary, Eastern Expressway on its west & ring road to South east.
  • Proposed metro link would run parallel to the Yamuna Expressway. The main railway between Delhi & Agra runs along the west boundary.
  • 0 Point (Greater Noida) – The time taken is 15 min (approx.)
  • Noida / Greater Noida Expressway – The time taken is 25 min (approx.)
  • South Delhi – The time taken is 35 – 42 min (approx.)

When will the possession be given?

  • Possession will be given after 18 months.

How much time will be given for the completion of construction?

  • 3 yrs of time would be given to the customer for completion of construction and appropriate penalty would be charged in case of delay in the same

Will the outer façade be given by Jaypee Greens or it depends on the wish of the plot owner?

  • There would be an external façade control. A choice of 5-6 kind of floor plans would be provided.

What kind of security would be provided?

  • It would offer multi-tier security system with Manned Security at the periphery of the complex and Access Control at the entry / exit gate of the complex.

Who will maintain the common area? Do I pay anything upfront towards common area charges?

  • The common areas/services shall be maintained by a designated Maintenance Agency on payment of maintenance charges.
  • The Interest Free Maintenance Deposit is applicable, as per the payment plan.
  • One year Maintenance charges will have to be paid in advance at the time of offer of possession.

What are the stamp duty charges?

  •  At  present,  it  is  5%  of  consideration  or  the  value  of  the  property  (whichever  is  higher)  at  the time of conveyance deed, as per applicable stamp duty act.

What steps are being taken to make the city eco-friendly?

  • Special care will be taken to preserve the environment & make the entire city eco-friendly. Local materials  will  be used  for  construction  purpose,  fresh  water  will  be  conserved  and  gray water would  be  recycled  &  energy  to  be  produced  locally  by  means  of  solar  wind,  fuel  wood.  Open spaces  to  be  provided  preserving  natural  environment,  eco-retreats  &  hosting  eco-activities.
  • Several  other  steps  will  be  taken  such  as  recycling  solid  waste,  protection  of  natural  flora  & fauna,   use   of   indigenous   plants   in   the   city,   walking   &   cycling   to   be   encouraged   & electric/hydrogen public transport/cars, water taxis to be used.